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BCM: Winter 2003

•Meal plan: A&S program brings students and faculty to the table
•Field goal: BC expands its Middle Eastern studies program
•Measure for measure: A how-to book on Irish music
•When it’s not nice to share: From Napster to Kazaa and beyond, legally speaking
•Slammin’: Poems by the people, for the people
•Pass time: George Ladd hands on the College Bound program
•Data file: How BC faculty say they divide their time
•The bad girl: An essay by Gina Chung ’05
•Tapped out: Microbrews and other senior thesis topics
•Take home: Questions from a fall semester final exam
•Tour guide: Twenty-eight days, two coasts, 13 Muslim academics

  BC historian Franziska Seraphim on postwar Japan
  Works & days
  Mayor of Minneapolis
R.T. Rybak ’78
.   Lost generation by Larry Wolff
When Siegbert Feldberg began to acquire self-portraits by “degenerate” German artists in the 1920s, he had no idea how important his collection would become. Or did he?

. Fideltiy Crisis by George Weigel
There’s more to the American Church's travails than malfeasant bishops and criminal priests

  The Diplomat by Charles Trueheart
Perhaps the only thing Shultz, Christopher, Berger, Rice, Powell, Clinton, and two George Bushes have in common is that they’ve all trusted Nicholas Burns ’78

  Rodeo drive by Joan Burbick '68
The rise and fall of the Indian cowgirl queen

  Special Section: The Church in the 21st Century - First person, the media, the cardinal. recommended reading, the victims, resignation

Cover photo: U.S. Ambassador to NATO Nicholas Burns ’78 (center) with President George Bush and Secretary of State Colin Powell at the NATO meeting in Prague, November 21, 2002. By Corbis

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