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  Disability rights lawyer
Kristin Aiello '89
  Theology professor David Hollenbach, SJ, on the common good in a religiously diverse world
.   Saved by the Web by Damien Cave ’96
How to click your way to the ultimate truth.

. The poet who would be king by Paul Mariani
Few modern poets have been more rigorously ambitious than Frost. Fewer still earned the right to that craving.

   Laughing matters by Camille Dodero ’99
On his deathbed, the great Shakespearean actor Edmund Kean was asked if it was difficult to meet the end. "Dying is easy," he answered. "Comedy is hard." A handful of BC graduates are doing it anyway.

  Shelf life by Larry Wolff
Libraries aren't collections but civilizations. That's why they have histories, cultures, loyalists, and enemies.



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