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New allies

Student group to examine issues of sexual orientation

Adam Baker '03University President William P. Leahy, SJ, has approved creation of a new student group, to be called Allies of Boston College, that will provide support to students of various sexual orientations.

According to its constitution, the new organization's purpose will be "to advance understanding of issues, concerns, and needs regarding sexual orientation among undergraduates." Allies of Boston College will accomplish this aim by "developing and sponsoring educational programs that promote a fuller appreciation of sexuality as a gift from God, especially as understood in the Catholic tradition."

The constitution further stipulates that the group "shall not sponsor programs that involve public protests, petitions, or activities and events that conflict with University policy or that University officials judge promote positions or behavior inconsistent with BC's religious traditions."

Approval for the organization comes after a year of discussions between Leahy and the Undergraduate Government of Boston College (UGBC), led by president Adam Baker '03. Vice president Orville Thomas '03 and the director of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues for UGBC, senior Peter Marino, were also active participants in the talks.

In his announcement, Leahy commended the concern that Baker and his administration have shown for the needs of BC students and said, "All individuals, no matter their race, religious beliefs, intellectual talents, sexual orientation, or geographic origin, are created in the image and likeness of God and are thus to be valued, treated with respect, and enabled to feel at home on our campus. I also believe that it is essential that the topic of sexuality be examined in the Boston College community in light of Scripture, our Christian, Catholic roots and moral teachings, and contemporary culture."

Nicole Estvanik

Photo: UGBC President Adam Baker '03. By Lee Pellegrini

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