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BCM: Fall 2002

First night: BC's Church in the 21st Century project begins
• Sound system: Rebirth of a symphony orchestra
• Study group: New planning council to take BC's agenda
• Journey's end: Torah rescued by priest finds new home
at BC
• What's up, Buttercup? Live from the Super Fan Zone
• The Blue Island log of Herman Gill: A poem by Brendan Galvin '60
• Stress fractures: Marriages under pressure
• Studying for the barre: Lessons for body and mind
• Memorial day: One year later, another gathering
• Prevailing haze: Explaining Boston's air pollution
• House blend: A new CD by professor Thomas Oboe Lee
• News briefs

  Fitness expert Steve Zim '88
  Seven storied mountains: Erik Weihenmayer ’91
.   Flight Plan, by Chet Raymo
A physicist writes on the importance of butterflies.

. The once and future Church.  By William P. Leahy, SJ, Kenneth L. Woodward, Lisa Sowle Cahill, Jack Connors, Jr. '63, and Roberto S. Goizueta
BC launches its initiative to consider the current crisis in the Catholic Church and the opportunities for reform and renewal.

  Gasson confidential.  By Cara Cannella '01
On its 90th birthday, an idiosyncratic tour of a few of the Tower Building's hidden treasures and untold stories.


Special Section: THE CHURCH IN THE 21ST CENTURY.  Recent books on the clerical sexual abuse scandals, By Charles R. Morris.  Permanent Deacons-the job description is still being written, by Paul Baumann.  What do the laity, clergy and bishops owe one another? By Richard J Higgins

Cover photo: St. Paul Catholic Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts. By Gary Wayne Gilbert


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