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BCM welcomes letters from readers. Letters may be edited for length and clarity, and must be signed to be published. Our street address is Boston College Magazine, 122 College Road., Chestnut Hill, MA 02467. Our fax number is (617) 552-2441; our e-mail address is birnbaum@bc.edu.



I just read the Fall edition of BCM, and I want to tell you what a wonderful job you did in covering the 9/11 tragedy. I could hardly read the "Remembered" page through my tears; so many talented people.

Thank you for letting parents know what steps the school takes when a tragedy occurs.

Nicholson, Pennsylvania



Tim Townsend's profile ("At Ground Zero," Fall 2001) of John McCann '99, a firefighter who worked in the wreckage of the World Trade Center, is gut-wrenching. As a graduate of a top-ranked university, McCann could have chosen work that was less risky and financially more rewarding. But he chose to work face-to-face with evil and human fragility.

I saw Lower Manhattan burn on September 11. There is a difference between watching your city burn and being at the seat of that tragedy. BC has graduated many people who have made it in the world of business. But it has also graduated many others who chose a more humble and, in McCann's case, heroic life. People like McCann bring pride to my alma mater.


Brooklyn, New York



Based on my own experience, I want to offer advice to surviving parents raising young children. I was born in 1940. In 1942, our home burned, and we (my mother, her parents, and I) were rescued by the fire department. My father was at sea, serving as an ordinary seaman in the U.S. Merchant Marine. Seven months later, his ship was torpedoed and sunk in the North Atlantic. All were lost.

Human loss as a result of deliberate, violent acts leaves behind, I believe, a special grief and sorrow. Your child in time will appreciate your struggle and may think of his or her care as a burden. Your child may not speak of this, wanting not to add to your sorrow. Therefore, as my mother let me know in different words, tell your child that the blossoming, irrepressible, uproarious life, barely contained in that little body, not only made the effort necessary--it made it possible.

Belle Mead, New Jersey



My heart was filled with tremendous pride at the expression of "lived community" that characterized Boston College on the morning of September 11 and in the days that followed. Thank you to William Leahy, SJ, and thank you to the team.

I was saddened to learn that a student wanted to renounce his citizenship because of the faults he recognized in his country's leadership. He would surely find comparable failures in any other country.


Edmonton, Alberta



An added bonus for me in the Fall 2001 issue is the poetry of Robert Cording, Ph.D.'77 ("Married Love"). I met Mr. Cording in September at a reception at Holy Cross. He had just been designated the first recipient of a new chair in creative writing.

Newton, Massachusetts



Primitive chic scales new heights of silliness when John Motoviloff writes of duck hunting ("Driftless, Wisconsin," Fall 2001).

When you look past the romantic posturing, Mr. Motoviloff is bragging about the enjoyment he takes in killing beings who bear him no ill will and could not harm him if they wanted to. If he wants to play-act at "satisfying the primitive hunger," there are plenty of video games that pander to our less civilized appetites. That way no living beings will have to die in his charade.

Silver Spring, Maryland

Editor's note: Mr. Phelps is a program coordinator at the Fund for Animals.



As an academic and career advisor at Keene State College in New Hampshire, I read with great interest of Halftime, Boston College's break in the action for sophomores ("Time Out," Fall 2001).

We have found that our second-year undecided students and lower-level transfer students are often our "forgotten" population. As Leah Platt's article mentioned, first-year students are embraced by Orientation, juniors have decided on and are pursuing a major, and seniors are involved in outward transition programs from career focus to graduate program research. But what of the sophomores?

Williamsville, Vermont



I'm sure all the Newton College alumnae appreciated, as I did, the acknowledgement of James J. Whalen's death in the last issue of the magazine, but I can't leave notice of his passing to a one-line announcement.

Those of us who were Newton students during Dr. Whalen's presidency came to appreciate the wit and intelligence he brought to the college's daily life and the controversies he engaged. As a student, I had the chance to argue many of the issues of the times directly with Dr. Whalen, and I always left thinking he understood my position better than I did.

Jim Whalen was a president who never forgot he was an educator.

Dr. Whalen's professional career had only begun when he completed the transaction that transferred Newton College of the Sacred Heart to Boston College, the beginning of a great era for the University. He engaged that controversy with intelligence and grace and went on to many years of distinguished leadership of Ithaca College. Along the way, Jim Whalen became a leading and respected participant in the debates on American higher education's most pressing issues. A few of us (including this writer) were influenced in our career choices by his work.

Wellesley, Massachusetts

Editor's note: Ms. Byrne is vice president for administration and planning at Wellesley College.



As a member of the group featured in the summer 2001 issue ("The Group"), I want to thank Boston College Magazine for its focus on an important element of life: friendship. I also want to thank Charlotte Bruce Harvey for her gentle manner and her sensitive writing.

In response to Patricia Cruise's comment in her letter to the editor in the Fall 2001 edition, I too thought, at first, that activities and achievements would be included in the article. As my (telephone) interview with "Brucie" was coming to a close I asked if she now wanted to know about awards, honors, accomplishments, etc. Her response truly pleased me. She reminded me that this article was about friendship--purely friendship. How nice. How very, very nice.

Brookline, Massachusetts



I regularly see six alumni magazines, and BCM is the most impressive and relevant. Congratulations on the fine job you do for BC's alumni.

Bethesda, Maryland



Boston College's ROTC detachment has been compiling the names of alumni and former students who gave their lives in service to our country. The eventual goal is to add plaques for World War I, Korea, and Vietnam to the World War II one already in Gasson 100.

We have, well-documented, the names from World War I and World War II. The difficulty has been with Korea and Vietnam. For the former we have three names and the latter, 21. We are sure that there are more.

It is our hope that BCM readers will contact us with the names we have missed. They can communicate with Capt. Brett Tashiro, Boston College Army ROTC Detachment, in Carney #25; at (617) 552-3230; or by e-mail at tashirbr@bc.edu.

The names that we know of are, from Korea: Joseph Flarity '51, 1st Lt. US Army; Ronald Hickey '51, 2d Lt. US Army; and Stanley Urbanec '52, 2d Lt. US Army.

From the Vietnam War: John Coll, Jr. '66, 1st Lt. US Army; Michael B. Counihan '67, Sgt. US Army; John R. Davis '66, 2d Lt. USAF; Louis D. Dobbin II '65, 1st Lt. USMC; Steven Donaldson '68, 2d Lt. USMC; James E. Dooley '64, Lt. USNR; Louis A. Favussa '69, 1st Lt. US Army; John Fitzgibbons '67, 2d Lt. US Army; Joseph X. Grant '61, Capt. US Army (Medal of Honor).

Also, Daniel M. Kellett '64, 1st Lt. US Army; Thomas Lufkin '66, Lt. (jg) USN; Christopher H. Markey '68, 2d Lt. USMC; Daniel Minahan '66, 1st Lt. USMC; Michael J. Monahan '68, Pfc. USMC; Edward J. Murphy '56, Maj. US Army; Richard L. O'Leary '66, 2d Lt. USMC; Dennis J. Reardon '67, 1st Lt. USMC; Paul Sullivan '65, 1st Lt. US Army; Richard J. Sullivan '63, Lt. USNR; Lucien C. Tessier '66, 1st Lt. USMC; and Michael Vaughn '65, 1st Lt. US Army.

Many thanks.

Boston College

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