Boston College Magazine Spring 2004  

Salmon Luncheon Club

Tuesday, April 27, 2004, 11:00 A.M.1:00 P.M.

By Gary Wayne Gilbert

Seated, from left: Peter Bing '06 (Big Sky, Montana); Lindsey Eulberg '05 (Seattle, Washington); Kelly Hickman '05 (Seattle, Washington). Standing, from left: Christy Slavik '05 (Portland, Oregon), Colleen Gordon '05 (Beaverton, Oregon), Brian Ferrasci-O'Malley '04 (Tualatin, Oregon), William B. Neenan, SJ (Sioux City, Iowa)

the occasion
Special Assistant to the President William B. Neenan, SJ, has a well-known penchant for geography and organizes his small-group luncheons accordingly. He created the Iowa-Nebraska Club in 1981 and soon followed with the Lone Star Club, the NoDakSoDakMoKan Club, and others—including today's, for students from the Pacific Northwest, held in an admission conference room in Devlin Hall. The regional get-togethers were born, Fr. Neenan explains as he welcomes the group, "because I love Bostonians, but there's a language barrier." Students drop in late or leave early for class—the turnover so great that introductions go around the table three times in two hours. Fr. Neenan also finds time to test group knowledge of major bodies of water and to solicit views on current campus events.

By Gary Wayne Gilbert

A spacious room with wooden table and upholstered chairs. The large Gothic window looks out on construction of a giant white tent on O'Neill Plaza, for the Arts Festival.

Selection of wraps, strawberries, potato chips, bowls of mayonnaise and mustard, chocolate chip cookies

By Gary Wayne Gilbert

St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Academic Vice President Jack Neuhauser, Helen of Alexandria, Rocky Marciano, Lewis & Clark, Albert Gallatin, Joel E. Ferris

"I spent a lot of my childhood driving around Washington taking the lambs to market." • "Part of a Jesuit education is using your imagination. Salmon is a metaphor."


Text by Nicole Estvanik. Photos by Gary Wayne Gilbert


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