Boston College Magazine Spring 2004  

Table Talk

Friday, March 26, 2004, Noon1:45 P.M.

By Gary Wayne Gilbert

Standing, from left: Professor Timothy Crawford, Lora Krsulich '07, Rita Sabattis MA'00 (Office of Residential Life), Christopher Williams '04, Kevin Wang '07, Lauren Toth '05, Natalia Quirk '04, Ryan Brown '05. Seated, from front: Dan Amato '04, Robert Barbieri '05, Prabhdeep Singh '06, Ben Schupmann '04, Dan Elliot '05

the occasion
Today's topic is "The Iraq WMD Fiasco: Who Is to Blame? Should We Care?" The lunch, which takes place in the Newton Room of the Lower Campus Dining Hall, is part of a series of faculty-student meals sponsored by UGBC and the Office of Residential Life. Political science professor Timothy Crawford is the guest. By the time Crawford begins his presentation, handing out a chart labeled "politicization," most trays have been pushed aside. Several students take notes.

White tablecloth, three plants, and a buzzing light

Fish and clams in several forms, subs, salads, fries, steamed veggies, M&M cookies

Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, Saddam Hussein, Joe Lieberman, Monica Lewinsky, John Kerry, Richard Nixon, George Tenet, Chris Matthews, Francis Fukuyama, Seymour Hersh

"The way you get access is by not alienating your political masters." • "Maybe we've gotten a little too comfortable with the idea that our leaders are lying to us."


Text by Nicole Estvanik. Photos by Gary Wayne Gilbert


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