Boston College Magazine Spring 2004  


Tuesday, April 6, 2004, 7:008:30 P.M.

By Gary Wayne Gilbert

Front, from left: Julia Issleib (international student, Germany); Colin Donohoe '05. Middle, from left: Lauren Shurtleff '04; Sarah Fox '04; Sascha Rubin '07, Evelyn Ruckstuhl (international student, Switzerland). Back, from left: Taylor Healy '04, Gayle Schmidt '04, Christine Kochefko '07

the occasion
The management at Roggie's New Age Brew & Grille near Cleveland Circle knows the German-speaking BC group comes on Tuesdays and saves them a space. The term "Stammtisch" refers, in fact, to a table in a pub reserved for regulars. The informal weekly gathering is organized by the student-run German Academy, made up mostly of departmental majors. Toward one end of the table, where two native speakers sit, the conversation is primarily in German. At the other end the talk, in English, touches on foreign films (Das Experiment) and living abroad.

By Gary Wayne Gilbert

Red Sox-Orioles game on surrounding TVs, patrons on barstools

Mostly international fare: sausage calzone, French toast with syrup, nachos

By Gary Wayne Gilbert

Professors Eykman, Freudenburg, and Resler; Beethoven, Fulbright

"Aber, Montag haben wir Easter Ferien." ("But Monday we have Easter vacation.") • "She's going to live with a German boy band on the edge of town."


Text by Nicole Estvanik. Photos by Gary Wayne Gilbert


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