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Fulton Business Group sets sights high

The Fulton Business Group is made up of recent alumni in the Boston area whose mission is to support students through their Annual Achievement Award Scholarship, while fostering relationships among the local alumni base. Since its founding in 1989, the group has awarded more than 50 Achievement Award scholarships to undergraduate seniors with high financial need.

Currently, the value of the endowed fund is approximately $100,000, producing one $7,000 scholarship annually. The group's goal is to expand the fund to the point where it can provide four $5,000 scholarships each year.

Two recent events have moved the group closer to that end.

The Christmas reception was held at the Union Club with guest speaker Edmund F. Murphy, III '84, managing director and executive vice president of Fidelity Capital. More than 100 guests attended, representing every class between 1987 and 2000.

The 10th Annual Fulton Business Group Beanpot Luncheon, held in March at the BC Club, was attended by more than 150 alumni. Boston College hockey head coach Jerry York, associate head coach Scott Paluch, and assistant coach Mike Cavanaugh were featured speakers.

In addition to major events, the group's executive committee is planning a trip to a Red Sox game, a cocktail party, and a tailgate party. For more information on the Fulton Business Group, contact Jen Guerin at (617) 552-1445.

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