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The numbers


The Class of 2009

The current class of BC freshmen entered the University having already set records in a number of areas, including SAT scores and diversity, according to an annual report from the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

The mean SAT score for the Class of 2009 is 1322, a five-point increase over last year's entering class and 30 points higher than the freshman class of five years ago. The middle half of the class scored between 1260 and 1410. Freshmen scored highest on the math section of the SAT, with a middle range of 640–720. The verbal midrange was 610–700.

Numbering 2,174 students, the Class of 2009 was selected from a record-setting 23,823 applications, a 6 percent increase over the previous year. Less than 31 percent of applicants were accepted.

Among the schools and college, the Carroll School of Management saw a large increase from the previous year in enrolled freshmen, from 403 to 482; the College of Arts & Sciences declined from 1,621 to 1,480, the Lynch School of Education from 198 to 141, and the Connell School of Nursing from 87 to 71. Men constitute a small majority of the Class of 2009, at 50.5 percent, but account for two-thirds of its management students; women make up 93 percent and 84 percent of the schools of nursing and education, respectively; the College of Arts & Sciences is split evenly between the sexes.

The freshmen hail from 46 states (up three—Alabama, Idaho, and Kentucky, with a swap of the Dakotas—from last year), as well as Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia, and 58 foreign countries. International students constitute 2.3 percent of the class, the same as last year. AHANA students—African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and Native American—account for 25.7 percent of the freshmen, an increase over the University's previous high of 25.3 percent, last year.

Paul Voosen


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