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Endowed professorship perpetuates Newton College legacy

photograph of BC studentsFour Newton College of the Sacred Heart alumnae, each making a contribution of $100,000, have helped to cap a four-year campaign to establish the Newton College Alumnae Professorship in Western Culture.

The campaign, started in 1997 by a small group of dedicated Newton College alumnae, was initiated to preserve the Newton College name and to honor its traditions.

By late 1999 the effort had reached $500,000, halfway toward the $1 million goal.

In February 2000, Cathy M. Brienza '71, Kathleen E. Doran Hegenbart '67, Elizabeth Cooney Maher '71, and Kathleen McGillycuddy '71 combined resources and issued a challenge to their fellow alumnae. They would contribute one dollar for every dollar alumnae contributed, up to a maximum of $400,000.

The challenge proved successful. The $400,000 has been matched and a total of $1.32 million has been raised.

"The common theme of preserving a part of our treasured experience as Newton students has propelled this outpouring of generosity," said Hegenbart.

The endowed professorship was chosen in honor of "Study of Western Culture," a two-year comprehensive, interdisciplinary course that was part of the core curriculum for undergraduates at Newton College. The course, central to the Newton College education, was intellectually and academically rigorous, and is remembered by most alumnae as both challenging and rewarding.

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