Jake Bertanza with parents Joanne and John on moving-in day 2003 (above) and the day before graduation 2007 (right)
Major: English and communication

Item 1 Description

Cara Bunyan with parents Jack and Linda
Major: German studies and international studies.

Item 2 Description

Dominick Negrotto with parents Robert and Carol
Major: history

Item 3 Description

Adam Paggi with parents Larry and Mary
Major: theology

Item 4 Description

Seema Patel with sister Vibhuti
Major: secondary education and math

Item 5 Description

Amanda Watral with parents Tom and Ginny
Major: German studies and linguistics

Item 6 Description

Jonathan Harding with parents Dianne and Emmett
Major: political science

Item 7 Description

Chris Kenyon with parents Mike and Suzy
Major: history

Item 8 Description

Melissa Koski with parents Andrew and Virginia
Major: communication

Item 9 Description

Robert Muller with mother Merry (and father Bruce, above)
Major: finance and math

Item 10 Description

Schuanne Cappel with father Baldwin
Major: economics (and pre-med)

Item 11 Description

Lindsay Cowan with father Bruce, brother John, and grandmother Roberta
Major: English

Item 12 Description

Asia Evans with grandmothers Marion Evans and Edna Wright, sister Marie Irving, aunt Helen Wilson, and mother Melissa Wright
Major: English

Item 13 Description

Katherine Freund with parents Bruce and Cindy
Major: finance

Item 14 Description